SHOW CLIPZ —— Scott’s Monologue (April 22, 2012)

Scott advocates for proper Facebook event etiquette, shares some energy saving Earth Day tips, and tries to wish a happy birthday to an old girlfriend.

PUT IT IN THE BOOKS —— Show 1.06

JANEANE GAROFALO on Running Late with Scott Rogowsky, 4/22/12



What up my Dudeheads?! Lemme hear ya, Brofaces! I ain’t forgettin about you, Fancyboys! Make some NOOOOOOOIIIIIIIISE!

Did you think we were done? That Scott was gonna hang up his suit? That we were going to fire the family of Kurdish refugees who have been writing the monologues and coloring Marty’s hair? Why would you think that? You’re such a dumbass!

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POSTERIZED —— Show 1.06 with Janeane Garofalo