It’s our last show of November! But certainly not the least, as Scott welcomes one of his favorite comedians of all-time, TODD BARRY! Plus Andrew Gregory of “auto-tuning the news” fame stops by with his band to play a few songs. And MORE SPECIAL GUESTS to be announced! Get your tickets today!

TODD BARRY (Comedy Central Presents, Louie, Flight of the Conchords)

 ANDREW GREGORY (The Gregory Brothers)

Happy Anniversary from Jim Tozzi!

Scott was surprised by a visit from Jim Tozzi (aka the very first guest on the very first show!) at last night’s anniversary show, and he came bearing gifts! Well, er, a card! But that’s more than anyone else thought to do. Thanks for the kind sentiment, Jimmy Jazz! 

POSTERIZED — Show 2.08 with CollegeHumor

We’re recycling posters for this week! There was a hurricane, lay off. Same poster, new guests, same old skin problems!

HOT OFF THE PRESS — Running Late’s boffo bow in Variety!

Scott’s quoted in an article about the New York Comedy Festival!

SHOW CLIPZ —— October’s shows now available online

With all the downtime this past week resulting from Shitstorm Sandy, the Running Late editors had a chance to catch up on their delinquent editing duties. Now you can watch all three October shows in their entirety on the YouTube!

Show 2.04 featuring Rob Burnett


Show 2.05 featuring Kevin Allison


Show 2.06 featuring David Javerbaum