POSTERIZED — Show 3.02 — February 7


Season 3 Premiere is SOLD OUT!

And tickets are being scalped on Craigslist:
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Running Late joins the My Damn Channel Comedy Network

MDC Variety
As reported this morning by Variety, “Running Late with Scott Rogowsky” has signed on with My Damn Channel and their new Comedy Network. What does that mean? My Damn Channel will be distributing “Running Late” clips across their various media platforms, turning on potentially hundreds of thousands of new comedy fans WORLDWIDE to the magic and wonder that is our show. Do people bookmark websites still? If so, bookmark the Running Late channel on the My Damn Channel Comedy Network and check back frequently for fresh content!

MDC Network

JUST REMINDING YOU: See Alex Karpovsky this Thursday

Your favorite guy on Girls will be helping Scott celebrate the Season 3 Premiere of the show, THIS THURSDAY at Galapagos in DUMBO! Tickets are going so fast it’s not even funny, although we realize the rate of ticket sales is rarely a funny subject to begin with.

Suit Shoot Riot

IMG_7714 IMG_7740 IMG_7756

It’s been a few weeks since we rang in the New Year, but the celebration hasn’t been complete until Scott had a chance to don his new custom suit and strut around on his new home stage at Galapagos Art Space in DUMBO – site of the Season 3 Premiere on January 31. He got that chance last Saturday night before Galapagos’ Floating Kabarette, and with the help of Jenny Rocha and her Painted Ladies and some passing, Nikon-wielding tourist, he also managed to pull off the world’s quickest photo shoot.

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