Scott returns to the Am I Right?? Podcast with Marty!

Bet ya didn’t know, but Running Late is BIG IN CANADA. The province of Alberta, specifically. The city of Calgary, if you want to be even more on the nose about it. Last night, Scott made his second appearance on the AM I RIGHT?? Podcast hosted by Jesse Pruden and Evan Wilson, and this time they dragged the old man into the fray. It’s another hour of meandering non sequiturs, dead end stories, and plugging for Running Late, so why not TURN ON, TUNE IN, and DROP OUT!

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PUT IT IN THE BOOKS – Show 3.03 — V-Day Sextacular


SHOWTIME — Tonight at the PIT

It’s Valentine’s Day, ya putz! Pull up your pants and clean yourself up. You’ve got an evening at the theater ahead of you!


sex blogger KARLEY SCIORTINO (Slutever, Vice, Jezebel)
author ABBY ROBINSON (Secrets of Shiksa Appeal)Abby-Robinson-The-PIT-520

author BOB POWERS (Happy Cruelty Day)

Scott’s 6th grade crush HANNAH GELLER
Canadian rappers RICK & CHUCK

Running Late featured in The Brooklyn Paper


JUST ADDED: Abby Robinson for Feb 14


Abby Robinson (aka Avi Roseman), author of Secrets of Shiksa Appeal will be joining Running Late’s romantic Valentine’s Day special, and we’ll be giving away copies of the book! Is there anything sexier than freebies? Get your tickets today, which aren’t free, but still a steal at $10!