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NEXT SHOW — Final Brooklyn Show in Season Five

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NOTE THE NEW, EARLIER START TIME! That’s because we’ll be throwing a post-show dance party with DFA Records co-founder Jonathan Galkin!


The early returns are in... and with 12% of precincts reporting, CNN is calling last night's show a victory for all humanity. Or at least the 300+ people who packed into littlefield to witness it! Now you can experience a vicarious thrill through the magic of photography! CLICK TO SEE 'EM

Running Late debuting at UCB-Chelsea Theatre!


We’re thrilled to announce that Season 5 of Running Late has been EXTENDED by one month, to July 16, when we’ll be making our debut on the famed Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Chelsea! Scott will be making his first return to the Gristedes basement since September 2008 when 12 Angry Mascots premiered as a SPANK. No spanking this time. We’re getting a shot at the big time, full-hour time slot, Wednesday night at 11pm, making this the first TRULY late-night Running Late, the way Hashem intended it.

Tickets are not yet available, nor do we have guests booked, so please don’t call up the theatre and start bugging them with questions. We’ll provide updates and ticket links as they come ready. Looking forward to celebrating our Season 5 Finale in what could very well be our future new home!

#FollowFriday – Adam Newman, Stone and Stone, Bridey Elliott

adam newman

Introducing a BRAND NEW FEATURE at, where we check in with some friends of the show who’ve formerly appeared as Scott’s guests and link to their current doings! Because what the hell else are we gonna do today?

ADAM NEWMAN (Show 1.05) has his first half-hour special airing tonight on Comedy Central, appropriately called “The Half-Hour.” It’s his second Comedy Central credit since he appeared on Running Late, and he’s also done Letterman! Yay for Adam!

STONE AND STONE (Show 2.02) have re-booted their monthly show at The PIT and will be performing on the mainstage on Thursday, June 26 at 8:00pm. If you like great comedy you’ll like this show!

BRIDEY ELLIOTT (Show 2.10) is starring in a new film called Fort Tilden that’s getting a lottttt of positive attention after receiving the Grand Jury Prize at SXSW. It’s screening tomorrow night June 14 at the LES Film Festival and across the river on June 17 at the Northside Film Festival in Brooklyn. See it!