Blog Round-Up: Scott’s BLOWING UP in Israel!

In the wake of Hollaback's viral street harassment video (over 30,000,000 views!), numerous parodies have been popping up. Scott prefers to call his version an "alternative take," highlighting a different kind of abuse that he faces on a near daily basis in New York City (katz-calling? street charassment?), and it seems other folks out there on the Internet have had similar experiences. CLICK THROUGH to see all the blog coverage for Running Late's "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Jew" - including the full-page spreads in Israel's premier daily newspapers!

POSTERIZED — Show 6.06 with Janeane Garofalo + Chris Hayes

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Scott’s “Street Charassment” Video Highlighted in Splitsider

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For an unprecedented THIRD TIME, one of Scott’s videos has been highlighted by comedy blog Splitsider as a “This Week in Web Videos” feature. If there were a comedy blog Hall of Fame, Running Late is making a good case for induction.


Sad news friends – due to a scheduling snafu, Mr. Springer has to bow out of the show this Sunday. Fear not – a replacement is being summoned from the depths! Stay tuned to this very website and (and maybe too, why not) for updates!

VIRAL VIDZ — 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Jew