VIRAL VIDZ —— Your Bra Is Showing

The latest someecards video from Scott! He’s only trying to be helpful.

Scott interviewed on Take Action News with David Shuster

On Saturday, Scott appeared as a guest on former MSNBC correspondent David Shuster’s radio program, Take Action News, talking about his Petition Impossible video. He also explained why Marty has made such a natural transition from politician to professional sidekick and received Twitter tips from social media expert Alan Rosenblatt. Turns out intentionally misspelling his Twitter name might not have been as stupid as he thought! Download the July 14th episode of the podcast and listen from 1:36-1:59 to hear Scott’s segment.


SHOW CLIPZ —— “High School Reunion” with Mallory Stuchin

Debut of the new segment “High School Reunion” featuring chef, food writer, and fellow Horace Mann alum (’03) Mallory Stuchin! Read Mallory’s “Vegetable Diaries” and follow her at @MalStuch

SHOW CLIPZ —— Baratunde Thurston Interview

The Onion‘s former Director of Digital Baratunde Thurston chats about his new book How To Be Black and the role of the n-word in comedy.

SHOW CLIPZ —— Ted Alexandro Interview

Comedian and OWS activist Ted Alexandro talks about comedy and activism.