International Media Coverage for Scott’s Subway Video

It's been two weeks since my fake book covers went viral - first as a photo and then as the video that I produced for Playboy. In that time I've received a torrent of Facebook and Twitter notifications, interview requests from media outlets around the world (I'll be on CBC's 'q' radio show tomorrow!), and several texts from old Tinder and JSwipe matches that I never met up with. Also my Google Alerts BLEW UP. In case this is the last exciting thing to ever happen to me, I thought it'd be wise to collect all the press hits together in one blog post so one day I can reflect on them and and say, "For a brief moment in time, I was famous on the Internet." CLICK THROUGH FOR ALL THE LINKS

PUT IT IN THE BOOKS: Season 9 Premiere!


Tonight’s show is SOLD OUT!

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 3.32.32 PM

Scott and his video featured on Fox 5 News

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Took a minute to step away from a birthday dinner with the Mamma Rogs (HI MOM!) last night to field an interview from Fox 5 News’ Lidia Curanaj in downtown Mamaroneck! SHOUTS TO SAL’S PIZZA.

Scott’s viral video covered by the New York Daily News

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CLICK THE PIC to read the article and hear about the inspiration for this bookish endeavor.