Running Late Season Premiere in the NY TIMES!

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Scott’s gone VIRAL!

That’s me! I’m Scott! Writing headlines in the third person! I’m in therapy for this.

But no time for mental health – because there’s a photo that’s been circulating of a guy on a subway unabashedly reading a pornographic book… and the guy looks odddddly familiar..

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OH WAIT! DAT’S ME! Over 1.3 million views on Reddit, millions more on various instagram and meme sites… but what’s it all about, you ask? Well do I have a video for YOU!

I made it for Playboy, and now it’s ready to be enjoyed by those 18 and over everywhere. Will also be screening it at the season premiere of Running Late next Monday night, April 11th! GET YOUR TICKETS GADDAMIT!

Scott is a “Millennial of New York”

Last month, I appeared in a video produced by the esteemed folks at EliteDaily for their satirical web series “Millennials of New York” in which I play a terrible stand-up comedian. Rather than setting up a shoot, they simply filmed one of my actual sets. GET IT?? BECAUSE I’M ACTUALLY TERRIBLE!

POSTERIZED — Show 9.01 with Lisa Ann + John Gallagher, Jr. + more!

April 11 poster

WE GOT A POSTER! Ok it’s an old poster re-purposed for this upcoming show. BUT STILL! Lisa Ann is booked. Corinne & Krystyna from Guys We F***ked are booked. Rising superstar comedian Josh Gondelman is booked. Coedy writing legends Mike Reiss and Tom Leopold are booked. WE’RE BOOKED UP AND READY TO ROLL! Get your tickets for the Season Premiere on April 11 at Union Hall >> RIGHT HERE <<

New Sizzle Reel is Here! Watch Seasons 5-8 in 5 Minutes

There’s a lot of Running Late content online. In 4 years we’ve hosted 70 shows resulting in nearly 60 hours of footage, which you can watch on the Running Late YouTube channel. Thanks to some careful editing, you can now watch the highlights of the past 2 years in just five minutes! This new sizzle reel features dozens of guests who have appeared on the show in the past 4 seasons including Robert Klein, H. Jon Benjamin, Kyle Mooney (as Bruce Chandling), Amy Sedaris, Mo Rocca, Kevin Nealon, Dustin Diamond, Brian Stack, Pharoahe Monch, Aparna Nancherla, Tom Papa, Bill Weir, Criag Bierko, Hasan Minhaj, James Bewley (as Dale Seever), Jeff Ross, Vincent Pastore, Sal Vulcano, Jerry Springer, Jon Hamm, Jessica Williams, Jo Firestone, R. L. Stine, Nick Naney (as R. L. Stinefeld), Horatio Sanz, D. L. Hughley, Janeane Garofalo, Chris Hayes, Fat Jew, Arthur Meyer, Jordan Klepper, Richard Kind, Gilbert Gottfried, Frank Santopadre, and Vanessa Bayer. JUST WATCH IT!

(And you can also still watch some ‘best of’ moments from the first 2 years here, featuring guests like David Cross, Jim Gaffigan, Regis Philbin, Steve Buscemi, Grizz Chapman, and Dick Cavett)