#FollowFriday – Zach Broussard, Katie Nolan, Mike Lacher


ZACH BROUSSARD (Show 3.14) – an invaluable member of the Running Late team who has provided crowd warm-up for countless shows and lent his acting talents to several sketches and videos is dropping his debut comedy single on August 21 and celebrating with a release party at the Creek and the Cave. The single – a roughly 17 second joke titled “Wanna Be A Grandpa” will be available through the official site and iTunes for $10.99.

KATIE NOLAN (Show 5.03) – the quick-witted and acid-tongued panelist on Fox Sports 1’s defunct Crowd Goes Wild was named a breakout star of FS1 by Awful Announcing in their round-up of FS1’s first year on air. Even though CGW is MIA from the program schedule, you can still catch Katie ON THE INTERNET with her never not terrific No Filter web series. SUSRCIRBE!

MIKE LACHER (Show 1.05) – the creator of numerous funny things on the Internet has written another funny thing on the Internet, specifically a McSweeney’s piece satirizing the Internet, using Vaudeville as its protagonist. Made us laugh – will it make YOU??

#FollowFriday – Sam Morril, Emily Heller, Raekwon

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SAM MORRIL (Show 3.04, Show 5.05) – Scott’s old pal from the early days of his comedy career made his national television debut on Wednesday night as the featured stand-up on TBS’ Conan. And he killed it.

EMILY HELLER (Show 3.09) – more opportunities for young comics from TBS! Emily, who had written for Bill Lawrence’s Surviving Jack, has been tapped to join the cast of Lawrence’s Ground Floor in a recurring role for the show’s second season. Go Em!

RAEKWON (Show 4.05) – The Chef reunited with his Wu-Tang Clansman on The Daily Show to debut their single “Ron O’Neal,” part of their new album A Better Tomorrow set for release in November.

#FollowFriday — Jenny Slate, Joe Mande, Mark Malkoff

"Obvious Child" - Los Angeles Special Screening

JENNY SLATE (Show 1.02) – the featured guest on the second-ever Running Late show back in November 2011 is starring in this summer’s biggest indie comedy hit, Obvious Child, which you can still catch at the Angelika Film Center and at select theatres across the country. Fellow friend of the show David Cross has a role in the film as well, playing a total creep!

JOE MANDE (Show 1.01, Show 5.01) – the stand-up guest on the very FIRST Running Late show back in OCTOBER 2011 has two very important initiatives that are live at the moment: 1) his Kickstarter to raise $1,000,000 to host a podcast, and 2) his custom-designed #KochBoys t-shirts which can be yours for $20. Give Joe your money.

MARK MALKOFF (Show 3.07) – the viral filmmaker and comedian is now a podcast host, having launched the terrific Carson Podcast a few months ago. His guest this week is fellow Running Late luminary Regis Philbin. Subscribe to Mark’s podcast for free!

#FollowFriday – Mark Normand, Steve Buscemi, Meika Hollender

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MARK NORMAND (Show 4.03) – the Running Late fan favorite made his second Conan appearance on Wednesday night and can be seen delivering a full 22 minutes of comedy on Comedy Central’s Half Hour later tonight! STILL not enough Normand for our taste!

STEVE BUSCEMI (Show 5.03) – the final episodes of his AOL Original series Park Bench have just been released, featuring Tom McCarthy, Julian Schnabel, Method Man, Michael K. Williams, and fellow Running Late alum Jessica Williams

MEIKA HOLLENDER (Show 5.02) – her website has launched! And what’s that site again? SustainCondoms.com! You can now buy your own sustainable, fair-trade, vegan, non-GMO, cruelty-free, jimmy hats.

#FollowFriday – Nathan Fielder, Fat Jew, Gilbert Gottfried


NATHAN FIELDER (Show 3.14) — Season 2 of his phenomenal Comedy Central show Nathan 4 You premiered this past Tuesday night, and it brought serious guffaws. New episodes every Tuesday at 10:30pm EST.

FAT JEW (Show 3.11) — jazzercise instructor, reptile masturbator, and Instagram sexsation can now re-add host of a Vice show to his resume (because I’m pretty sure he’s done it before). Introducing  The Fat Jew Show on the brand-new Vice Sports. And also whatever this is.

GILBERT GOTTFRIED (Show 3.11, Rooming Late) — he appeared at Galapagos, he appeared in Scott’s apartment, and now he’s appearing in your iTunes as host of Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast. For fans of old comedy, TV, and film, there’s nothing better than this. He’s already released interviews with Larry Storch, Marty Allen, Dick Cavett, and Paul Shaffer, and I have inside information that there’s even better stuff to come! Subscribe – it’s free!