POSTERIZED – Show 9.02 with Adam Pally & Tom Leopold

RL-May 23 poster

Poster by Alix Greenberg of

POSTERIZED — Show 9.01 with Lisa Ann + John Gallagher, Jr. + more!

April 11 poster

WE GOT A POSTER! Ok it’s an old poster re-purposed for this upcoming show. BUT STILL! Lisa Ann is booked. Corinne & Krystyna from Guys We F***ked are booked. Rising superstar comedian Josh Gondelman is booked. Coedy writing legends Mike Reiss and Tom Leopold are booked. WE’RE BOOKED UP AND READY TO ROLL! Get your tickets for the Season Premiere on April 11 at Union Hall >> RIGHT HERE <<

POSTERIZED — Show 8.04 with Paul Dano at LPR

Sept 10 Poster

POSTERIZED – Show 8.03 in Boston with Jonathan Katz


Poster by Bahston’s own Brian Reddy

POSTERIZED — Show 8.02 with Horatio Sanz + Impractical Jokers

October 6 POSTER