NEW SPONSOR: Learn a new language with Fluent City!

Excited to announce that Running Late is partnering with the premier language school in New York and Brooklyn Fluent City, who are offering fans of the show a $10 discount if you sign up using the promo code RUNNINGLATE! Scott’s been taking French classes and will be inviting his teacher Lea onto the show next week to quiz him on his progress. Sign up for a class of your own – French, Spanish Italian, Hebrew, so many more… Get to learnin!

Running Late partners with POGO Events for TIX giveaway!

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 1.23.12 PM

After finding success in San Francisco and Chicago, POGO Events is now taking New York City by storm, organizing fun scavenger hunts across the five boroughs! Running Late is thrilled to join as a sponsor. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? We’re giving POGO free tickets in exchange for completing tasks like TAKING A PICTURE IN FRONT OF THE CUPCAKE ATM! See? Two delicious birds, one photo. DO IT!

Introducing new sponsor Grolsch and the Grolsch VIPod!

GrolschWe’re delighted to announce a new partnership with Grolsch, purveyors of fine Dutch beer since 1615. You know those beers! The ones with the swing-top bottles? They look like this: 


Thanks to their supreme, European kindness, Grolsch is making available 18 free VIP tickets to Thursday’s show! You’ll be sitting in the Grolsch VIPod, up front, getting lavished with complimentary Grolsch beer as you watch Scott and his guests down a few cold Grolsches on stage! There will be a lot of Grolsch being consumed by all, responsibly (for the most part). How to score the free tix? Simply be one of the first 18 people to share this banner on your Facebook wall:

Grolsch VIPod banner

So go to the Running Late’s Facebook page, find the banner, and share that shizz, toot sweet!