Celebrate a sweet new season with barkTHINS!

barkTHINSTo mark the start of Season 8 and the fact that people like free stuff, the good folks at barkTHINS will be giving out free samples after the September 10th show at LPR! ANOTHER REASON TO BUY TICKETS RIGHT NOW >> http://bit.ly/1Ks3MvY

TONIGHT: Scott featured on NY1’s “One on 1 with Budd Mishkin”


TURN ON (if you live in New York City), TUNE IN (at 8:30pm) and DROP OUTTTTTTT (or DVR it)

NEXT SHOW: May 21 at Carolines with ROBERT KLEIN!


MEET THE NEW BAND: Rebecca Vigil & The Vigilante

rebecca vigilNew year, new venue, NEW HOUSE BAND! The Musical Guests had a good run, but all good bands must break up eventually… thankfully, no one had to die of a heroin overdose! Join me in welcoming the new Running Late bandleader REBECCA VIGIL and her backing band THE VIGILANTE! Rebecca has been performing musical comedy in New York since 2009, and she and her band specialize in improvised music – a skill we plan to utilize in every show. We look forward to hearing what she has to offer in Season 7!


PUT IT IN THE BOOKS: Show 6.02 with Dustin Diamond

WHERE BROOKLYN AT?? Right here, in this photo set from the Season 6 Brooklyn Premiere at littlefield featuring Dustin Diamond and the cast of Bayside the Musical, Alex Edelman, Jenny Glantz, Jason Saenz, and Yoni Lotan in a character role that will transform the way you see the world. CLICK RIGHT HERE to see the full gallery of photos by Seth Olenick!