F’d in Park Slope wants YOU to watch our video!

F'd in Park Slope

Season 4 Finale with AMBER TAMBLYN now available on YouTube!

Featuring Amber Tamblyn, Simon Rich, Farley Katz, Josh Pais, the Best Tumblrs of 2013, and a cameo from Eugene Mirman! Recorded live at Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY on December 18, 2013.

CAMERAS by Mike Bryk, Steve Conrad, Dan Zimmer

Scott’s Vocativ Videos

While Running Late is enjoying its winter hibernation, Scott has been busy making videos for a start-up news site you're not cool enough to know about - Vocativ.com. They're like Vice without the name recognition. BUT JUST WAIT! In 10 years people will be like "CBS what? NBC who?" and the Big Three will be Vocativ, BuzzFeed, and PornHub. CLICK THIS HERE LINK to see all four videos Scott has done for Vocativ so far!

VIRAL VIDZ — Scott’s Date with a Dating Club