VIRAL VIDZ — Gym Desserts

Featuring the ever reigning  Abe Groening!

VIRAL VIDZ — Helping the Homeless

Introducing ROOMING LATE with Scott Rogowsky

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A couple months ago, Scott needed a roommate. So he did what comes naturally – produce a talk show his apartment, complete with a live studio audience, four cameras, and Gilbert Gottfried, Andrew W.K., and Michael Gregory of The Gregory Brothers playing sidekick, musical guest, and bandleader, respectively. He then solicited potential roommates via Craigslist with an ad for an open house, saying only that there would be a documentary crew at the apartment filming a feature on housing in NYC, and that they would be mic’d up once they arrived. They had no idea what they were about to walk into… or that they’d be turned into guests on ROOMING LATE with Scott Rogowsky!

There was enough footage from that day to create a six-episode web series. Click for the full playlist, which includes each Craigslister’s extended interview plus the first ever collaboration between Andrew W.K. and Michael Gregory!


F’d in Park Slope wants YOU to watch our video!

F'd in Park Slope

Season 4 Finale with AMBER TAMBLYN now available on YouTube!

Featuring Amber Tamblyn, Simon Rich, Farley Katz, Josh Pais, the Best Tumblrs of 2013, and a cameo from Eugene Mirman! Recorded live at Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY on December 18, 2013.

CAMERAS by Mike Bryk, Steve Conrad, Dan Zimmer