VIRAL VIDZ —— Django’s First Video!

Django Gold plays keyboards in The Musical Guests, AND SOMETIMES BASS! Also sometimes, he makes comedy videos! “How To Be A (Douchebag) Bouncer” is his first effort, and I think you’ll agree it deserves an A for effort — and also for being really funny! Rumor has it, Django has a second video in pre-production. If you’re an attractive female and you’d like to be cast, SORRY LADY — Django only feels comfortable directing dudes.

“Marty Goes Viral” — Gangnam Style

The people have spoken. They want more Marty! So we’re giving it to them. Enjoy the debut of this new segment, “Marty Goes Viral,” in which Marty watches a viral video while Scott secretly records his reaction.

VIRAL VIDZ —— Season 2 Promo Video

ADVISORY: Contains strong language and adult situations. Safe for work, with headphones.

Featuring the harlarious Zach Broussard and Bridey Elliott!

VIRAL VIDZ —— Your Bra Is Showing

The latest someecards video from Scott! He’s only trying to be helpful.

VIRAL VIDZ —— Old Friends (featuring Levi MacDougall)

FUN FACT: Scott has lots of Canadian friends. He happened to randomly run into one of them on a street corner in New York not too long ago, and Scott was inspired to make a video out of the encounter. Presenting, Running Late‘s first original video, featuring the very funny Levi MacDougall and shot by the very available on a Tuesday afternoon Randy Foreman.