Subway Book Covers PART TWO

The non-anticipated follow-up to the original viral fake book covers video is HERE! Check your local listings.

Scott’s gone VIRAL!

That’s me! I’m Scott! Writing headlines in the third person! I’m in therapy for this.

But no time for mental health – because there’s a photo that’s been circulating of a guy on a subway unabashedly reading a pornographic book… and the guy looks odddddly familiar..

.Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 5.55.25 PM

OH WAIT! DAT’S ME! Over 1.3 million views on Reddit, millions more on various instagram and meme sites… but what’s it all about, you ask? Well do I have a video for YOU!

I made it for Playboy, and now it’s ready to be enjoyed by those 18 and over everywhere. Will also be screening it at the season premiere of Running Late next Monday night, April 11th! GET YOUR TICKETS GADDAMIT!

Scott is a “Millennial of New York”

Last month, I appeared in a video produced by the esteemed folks at EliteDaily for their satirical web series “Millennials of New York” in which I play a terrible stand-up comedian. Rather than setting up a shoot, they simply filmed one of my actual sets. GET IT?? BECAUSE I’M ACTUALLY TERRIBLE!

VIRAL VIDZ — Scripted Pick-Ups

New video featuring some very patient women in Brooklyn!

VIRAL VIDZ — Booming NYC for

Scott has a new video out for but it’s totally safe for work and you should totally click on it right now.