SHOW CLIPZ — An Evening with the Elliotts Now Available on YouTube

PUT IT IN THE BOOKS — An Evening with the Elliotts

Words can’t describe last night’s EVENING WITH THE ELLIOTTS. These pictures don’t do it much justice either. What can we say, if you missed seeing the show live at the PIT, today you are less of a person for it.


Can’t say it’s a surprise. I mean, Chris freakin Elliott, PLUS Abby and Bridey freakin Elliott. Like, duh!

NO TICKET? NO PROBLEM! You can still watch the show by tuning into, where we’ll be featured on the homepage tonight, live at 9:30pm! Or check out the Running Late Show channel to catch tonight’s show and a few other shows that we streamed direct from the PIT. It’s called TECHNOLOGY. Get used to it.

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POSTERIZED — Show 2.10 — An Evening with the Elliotts