Watch Episode 3 of “Would You Fall That?”

Well, it was a wild ride, but Scott’s turn as a network star has come to a close. The last of the three-episode run of “Would You Fall For That?” aired on Friday night, to its best ratings yet! But Scott needs more people to fall for it if there’s going to be a Season 2, so watch and share!

Watch Episode 2 of “Would You Fall For That?”

It’s your weekly reminder that Scott is on a primetime network television show. Millions of people are watching it AND YOU SHOULD TOO!

See Scott on ABC’s new show “Would You Fall For That?”

Scott may have been anointed the “King of Brooklyn Late Night,” but that doesn’t mean he has to spend every waking hour watching the throne. Besides, the A/C in the palace has been on the fritz lately, and as you can imagine it’s getting pretty stuffy in there. So while Running Late continues its summer hiatus, Scott will be stepping out beyond the castle walls to appear on the new ABC psychological prank show “Would You Fall For That?’ – premiering this Friday, July 26 at 9pm. Scope this sneak peek, and then set your TiVo accordingly!