The Ultimate Stop-Animation Show Recap

PUT IT IN THE BOOKS: Show 7.05 with Amy Sedaris + Richard Kind

CLICK RIGHT HERE to see the full gallery of photos from last night's show with Amy Sedaris, Richard Kind, and Brian Stack!

Show 3.11 with GILBERT GOTTFRIED now available online

Hot damn this was a fun one with Gilbert Gottfried, Daymond John, Fat Jew, Awkwafina, a Facebook stalk, an original Josh Ruben character, and my Aunt Elise providing color commentary.

PUT IT IN THE BOOKS — Show 4.03 with Demetri Martin & Eugene Mirman

Demetri Martin + Eugene Mirman + Grizz Chapman + Mark Normand + Levi MacDougall + Aunt Elise + a scorching Musical Guests + Littlefield debut = ONE HELL OF A GOOD TIME CLICK TO SEE THE FULL GALLERY of snapshots from Show 4.03 at Littlefield by Eric Pearson

PUT IT IN THE BOOKS — Show 3.11 with Gilbert Gottfried

Gilbert Gottfried + Daymond John + Fat Jew + Awkwafina + a Centenarian Millennial + Aunt Elise = hand-to-heart the funnest, funniest, feel-goodiest show in Running Late's young history! CLICK TO SEE THE FULL GALLERY of snapshots from Show 3.11 at Galapagos by photographer Ellie Zucker.