Show 3.06 now available on YouTube!

PUT IT IN THE BOOKS — Show 3.06 with Big Ang

photos by Ellie Zucker

NEXT SHOW — March 7 with BIG ANG

BIG SHOW this Thursday with BIG ANG and friends! Ok so maybe they’re not quite friends yet, but once they share the fruit platter backstage, they’ll be joining each other’s book clubs and sharing their NY Times digital subscriptions in no time.

BIG ANG (VH1’s Mob Wives, Big Ang)

OLIVIA WARD (winner, The Biggest Loser Season 11)

TED TRAVELSTEAD (author, The Petraeus Files, @trumpetcake)

KURT METZGER (Comedy Central Presents)

Check out The PIT’s show page and get your tickets now! NOWWWWWW!

POSTERIZED — Show 3.06 with BIG ANG

Show 3.06 Poster
poster by Brian Reddy