SHOW CLIPZ —— Improv Cartooning with New Yorker Cartoonists

Drew Dernavich, Paul Noth, and Christopher Weyant ask the audience for suggestions and then compete to come up with the funniest cartoon.

SHOW CLIPZ —— Christopher Weyant Interview (New Yorker Cartoonist)

Cartoonist Christopher Weyant talks about the difference between political cartooning and New Yorker cartooning and shares some cartoons that didn’t quite make the cut.

SHOW CLIPZ —— Interview with New Yorker Cartoonists

New Yorker cartoonists Drew Dernavich, Paul Noth, and Christopher Weyant sit down with Scott to talk about edible wild plants. JUST KIDDING! They talk about cartoons!

PUT IT IN THE BOOKS —— Show 2.03 —— New Yorker Cartoonists