Blog Round-Up: Scott’s BLOWING UP in Israel!

In the wake of Hollaback's viral street harassment video (over 30,000,000 views!), numerous parodies have been popping up. Scott prefers to call his version an "alternative take," highlighting a different kind of abuse that he faces on a near daily basis in New York City (katz-calling? street charassment?), and it seems other folks out there on the Internet have had similar experiences. CLICK THROUGH to see all the blog coverage for Running Late's "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Jew" - including the full-page spreads in Israel's premier daily newspapers!

#FollowFriday – Two Fun Men, Streeter Seidell, Seth Herzog

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ARTHUR MEYER & JOHN HASKELL (Show 1.08) – the longtime Fallon writers and ‘Two Fun Men” introduced their depressingly authentic “Two Single Guys” characters on last night’s Tonight Show. Email them. Date them.

STREETER SEIDELL (Show 2.08) – the former CollegeHumor writer/performer has been tapped to join the Season 40 writing staff of Saturday Night Live. Like the song nearly goes, “You gotta FIGHT for your RIGHT to WRITE for A TELEVISION INSTITUTION!”

SETH HERZOG (Show 1.08) – the Tonight Show warm-up comic has been hosting one of the best stand-up showcases in the city for a DECADE, and the celebrated that special anniversary with three great shows this past week, captured in pictures here.

NEXT SHOW — Apr 25 with Jon Glaser, Jake & Amir

Jon Glaser

What do you get when you cross a reality TV star with a fictional reality TV star with a viral web series duo with a New York Times best-selling author with a hip-hop sketch comedians? THE MOST ECLECTIC RUNNING LATE SHOW YET! Come get some next Thursday, April 25 at Galapagos.

Carla Facciolo

Jake & Amir

Sam Lipsyte


SHOW CLIPZ — Show 2.08 Now Available on YouTube

You’re late to the party! But you can still join the celebration of Running Late‘s one-year anniversary with Streeter Seidell & Jeff Rubin from CollegeHumor, Dave & Matt Stopera from BuzzFeed, Rob Barnett from My Damn Channel, and comedian Nick Turner! You’re also not going to want to miss the debut of Aunt Elise picking up the sidekick slack from Marty. Let ‘er rip!

POSTERIZED — Show 2.08 with CollegeHumor

We’re recycling posters for this week! There was a hurricane, lay off. Same poster, new guests, same old skin problems!