Season 4 Finale with AMBER TAMBLYN now available on YouTube!

Featuring Amber Tamblyn, Simon Rich, Farley Katz, Josh Pais, the Best Tumblrs of 2013, and a cameo from Eugene Mirman! Recorded live at Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY on December 18, 2013.

CAMERAS by Mike Bryk, Steve Conrad, Dan Zimmer

PUT IT IN THE BOOKS — Season 4 Finale at Littlefield

Amber Tamblyn + Damien Lemon + Josh Pais + Simon Rich + Farley Katz + Best tumblrs of 2013 + surprise appearance by Eugene Mirman + Eugene's vodka + The Musical Guests on fire + Marty in fine form = SEASON 4 FINALE CLICK TO SEE THE FULL GALLERY of snapshots from Show 4.07 at Littlefield by Vlad Weinstein

That’s all, folks!

giphyRunning Late wrapped up Season 4 last night at Littlefield, with one of the loosiest, goosiest shows on record. But gaddamn was it a fun one. The creators of some of the most viral tumblrs of 2013 including Anna Drezen & Todd Briscoe of How May We Hate You?, Ryan Nethery of The Worst Room, and Jason Mustian of Pornhub Comments on Stock Photos showed off their blogs, veteran actor Josh Pais shared some tales from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set, Simon Rich & Farley Katz explained their latest archeological discovery (available now on Amazon), Amber Tamblyn admitted her deep, sexual longing for Marty and was joined by her grandfather/Eugene Mirman to teach Scott her famous Tamblyn Family Eggnog Recipe, and comedian Damien Lemon brought down the roof one last time, resulting in scores of injuries and 4 confirmed deaths.

Running Late now embarks upon a brief hiatus before returning in a BIG way in 2014. In the meantime, Scott asks that you please respect his privacy as he spends the next three months alphabetizing his baseball card collection.



JUST ADDED – Guy Code’s DAMIEN LEMON to Season Finale

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