NEXT SHOW —— OCTOBER 4 with Rob Burnett, Jermaine Fowler, Dan Wilbur, Andy Breckman and Ken Freedman

Oh boy, Oberto! We got a hot one for next week! Running Late kicks off its Oktober run of shows with a JELLY-PACKED JAM SESSION! No actual fruit preserves will be involved, but there will be CHATTING WITH and JOKING FROM:

ROB BURNETT                                       JERMAINE FOWLER
(writer/director, We Made This Movie)           (In Living Color, College Humor)

DAN WILBUR                                                       ANDY BRECKMAN & KEN FREEDMAN
(author, How Not to Read)                                 (hosts, WFMU’s Seven Second Delay)

(Canadian Comedy Award nominee)

 More info at The PIT’s website!

SHOW CLIPZ —— R. L. Stine Interview Pt. 3

Scott wraps up his interview with R. L. Stine, who unveils his new series of Goosebumps books that seem to be shamelessly exploiting the latest publishing trends, and discusses his new novel aimed at adult readers, Red Rain.