SHOW CLIPZ —— David Shuster Interview Pt. 2

Part Two of Scott’s interview with David Shuster, in which the broadcast journalist compares his real life experience in television newsrooms to Aaron Sorkin’s version.

SHOW CLIPZ —— David Shuster Interview Pt. 1

Fresh off the political conventions, Emmy Award-winning journalist David Shuster sits down with Scott to talk about the sad state of our union.

PUT IT IN THE BOOKS —— Show 2.02 —— R. L. Stine

Woooooo doggy! That was a hot one. The R. L. stood for ‘Running Late’ last night when author extraordinaire R. L. Stine appeared live at The PIT, joined by Current TV host David Shuster, creators and stars of Rejected Pitches Dan Klein, Kelly Hudson, and Ben Rameaka, and comedians Stone and Stone. Fifth consecutive sold out show at the PIT! Know what that means? You should probably get your tickets for next week’s show right now.

photos by Josh Grob

SHOW CLIPZ —— David Shuster Live from the DNC

Running Late’s senior political correspondent David Shuster calls in with breaking news from the floor of the Democratic National Convention.

See David live, in studio, on Thursday’s show at the PIT!

POSTERIZED —— Sept. 13 with R. L. STINE