PUT IT IN THE BOOKS — Show 3.13 with Tucker Max, Drew Magary

What started as Running Late with Marty Rogowsky (a Father's Day gift from Scott) morphed into Running Late with Scott BROgowsky thanks for the line-up of Tucker Max, Drew Magary, David Call and Dan Soder. This one earned us 8 new Facebook likes! CLICK TO SEE THE FULL GALLERY of snapshots from Show 3.13 at Galapagos by photographer Ellie Zucker.

Introducing new sponsor Grolsch and the Grolsch VIPod!

GrolschWe’re delighted to announce a new partnership with Grolsch, purveyors of fine Dutch beer since 1615. You know those beers! The ones with the swing-top bottles? They look like this: 


Thanks to their supreme, European kindness, Grolsch is making available 18 free VIP tickets to Thursday’s show! You’ll be sitting in the Grolsch VIPod, up front, getting lavished with complimentary Grolsch beer as you watch Scott and his guests down a few cold Grolsches on stage! There will be a lot of Grolsch being consumed by all, responsibly (for the most part). How to score the free tix? Simply be one of the first 18 people to share this banner on your Facebook wall:

Grolsch VIPod banner

So go to the Running Late’s Facebook page, find the banner, and share that shizz, toot sweet!

SHOW CLIPZ —— “I’ve Been Stalking You on Facebook” with Jenn Sterger Pt. 2

Jenn Sterger goes behind the scenes of her PR crisis suffered as a result of being caught up in the Brett Favre sexting scandal from 2010.

SHOW CLIPZ —— “I’ve Been Stalking You on Facebook” with Jenn Sterger Pt. 1

Model/actress Jenn Sterger talks publicly for the first time since becoming a public figure as a result of the Brett Favre sexting scandal.

“I’ve Been Stalking You on Facebook” logo by Brian Reddy.

PUT IT IN THE BOOKS —— Show 2.06

Holy smokes! God himself, appearing in the form of David Javerbaum, sanctified the Running Late set last night, while Jenn Harris added her own decorative flourish to Scott’s desk with the help of some creepy fake cobwebs.  Jenn Sterger made her first public appearance since the Brett Favre scandal turned her world upside down, and Myq Kaplan and Micah Sherman turned some Alanis Morissette lyrics downside up for the big finale. All in all, the most fun show yet!

photos by Adam Rosen