Top 10 Running Late Posters of 2012

Happy New Year! The 21st century is becoming a man in 2013! But before we toss aside all memories of 2012 and break out the hora in celebration of the millenium’s Bar Mitzvah, let’s take a moment to reflect on the work of a previously Bar Mitzvahed young lad who put virtual pen to e-paper and created some of the most indelible images of Running Late’s Season 2 — Mikey Heller. Plucked from the dark recesses of Craigslist and residing in the even darker, colder recesses of Rochester, NY, Mikey cranked out a new, inspired poster for each of the season’s ten shows. There’s no wonder about this wunderkind’s talents; he’s also been pumping out the extremely popular web comic Time Trabble since 2010. Dude’s got 5 x as many Twitter followers and nearly 9 x as many Facebook likes than our own damn show does! BUT HE DESERVES EVERY ONE OF ‘EM! Peep the posters, and if you like what you see, you can purchase a limited edition print from the Running Late store. For commissions of your own, contact Mikey direct!

SHOW CLIPZ —— R. L. Stine Interview Pt. 3

Scott wraps up his interview with R. L. Stine, who unveils his new series of Goosebumps books that seem to be shamelessly exploiting the latest publishing trends, and discusses his new novel aimed at adult readers, Red Rain.

SHOW CLIPZ —— R. L. Stine Interview Pt. 2

Part Two of Scott’s interview with R. L. Stine, in which the author discusses his early influences, shares some of his fan mail, and accepts the blame for the destruction of our forests.

SHOW CLIPZ —— R. L. Stine Interview Pt.1

Author and 90s nostalgia icon R. L. Stine is a REAL PERSON, and he joined Scott on Running Late to reflect on the 20th anniversary of Goosebumps, and the terrifying fact that his fans have all grown up.

SHOW BITZ —— R. L. Stine’s Upcoming Releases

R. L. Stine appeared on Thursday’s Running Late to unveil his new series of Goosebumps books. It appears he’s trying a bit too hard to exploit the latest publishing trends …

photoshopping by Dan Wilbur, guest on October 4th’s show!