There is a season - turn, turn, turn - and that season is over! So now it's time to "turn pack the pages" on our incredible Season 3 posters, designed by our talented team of artists - BRIAN REDDY, MIKEY HELLER, REBECCAH MARY HARTY, JACQUI ROMITO, JIM TOZZI, and SEAN HOWELL! Try not to tear up as you scroll through , remembering all the good times and great guests we've had in 2013.

POSTERIZED — Show 3.09 with Jim Gaffigan, Anna Quindlen

poster by Jim Tozzi

Happy Anniversary from Jim Tozzi!

Scott was surprised by a visit from Jim Tozzi (aka the very first guest on the very first show!) at last night’s anniversary show, and he came bearing gifts! Well, er, a card! But that’s more than anyone else thought to do. Thanks for the kind sentiment, Jimmy Jazz!