MORE PICS from Season 3 Finale

Some fresh new pics from the Season 3 Finale have just been unearthed, taken by the talented Johnalynn Holland from the balcony! Really gives you a NEW PERSPECTIVE on the evening! Click to see gallery!

BONUS PICS — Johnalynn Holland’s Show 2.04 Snapshots

Johnalynn Holland is a rising star in the NYC comedy photography scene. Yes! There’s a NYC comedy photography scene! And Johnalynn has been hot on the beat, documenting some of the top shows in the city including Tell Your Friends!, Comedy at the Knitting Factory, and of course, Running Late. She was on hand at the PIT for our October 4th show, armed with her Canon 5D, and took these gorgeous candids. Now if there were only a filter that could fix Scott’s crooked tie…

photos by Johnalynn Holland