#FollowFriday – Seth Olenick, Jon Kesselman, Dan Abramson

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SETH OLENICK (photographer) – Seth has been snappin’ smart shots of the show for a couple years now, but he’s been documenting comedians in New York and LA for a decade prior, and he’s collected his best portraits into a limited-edition, handsome volume called FUNNY BUSINESS which you can and should buy for your coffee table. Just make sure not to spill coffee on it. This book deserves better than that.

JONATHAN KESSELMAN (Running Later 1.01) – the writer/director of the Hebrew Hammer has helmed a new movie written by and starring Maz Jobrani called Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero, and it’s receiving its world premiere at the Austin Film Festival on October 26. If you don’t live in Austin, check out the trailer on YouTube and then twiddle your thumbs until the full film comes to your town.

DAN ABRAMSON (Running Later 1.01) – the editor-in-chief of Funny Or Die’s occasionally published humor magazine The Occasional has been named the editor-in-chief of the newly launched Funny or Die News, the latest vertical in the FOD media empire. Look – there was a thing in the Hollywood Reporter about it!

PUT IT IN THE BOOKS — Running Later at The PIT

Running Later happened. History was made. Shelby Fero was there. Jonathan Kesselman was there. Dan Abramson was there. Jacqueline Novak was there. Gentlemen Party was there. Thousands of people witnessed it. Now thousands more can see pictures of it! CLICK TO SEE THE FULL GALLERY of snapshots from the maiden Running Later at The PIT.

“Running Later” premiering April 23 at The PIT

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After more than a year since leaving The PIT where Running Late took its first steps and lost all its baby teeth (accidentally, by walking into a dresser), Scott is moving back home with a new twist on his classic formula. Gone are the frills and fripperies that for too long have obscured the heart and soul of this talk show. Introducing Running Later – no band, no sidekick, no refunds – every Wednesday we’re not at Littlefield. Join us for the debut on Wednesday, April 23 at 9:30pm with the following guests:

JONATHAN KESSELMAN (writer/director, The Hebrew Hammer)
hebrew hammer

DAN ABRAMSON (editor, The Occasional)

JACQUELINE NOVAK (Quality Notions)
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Tickets are just $5 if you order now!!