Lorne Michaels Project Pt. 2 — SUCCESS!

The THRILLING CONCLUSION to the saga that has gripped this nation for the past two weeks. Will Scott raise the money? Will Lorne Michaels receive that Edible Arrangement? Well don’t just sit there! I mean, you can continue sitting there, but also, WATCH!

We’ve Been Officially Rejected by Kickstarter!

Kickstarter Rejection

Thanks a lot, Zack! But we don’t need ya anyway! Because guess what folks – we are OVER THE LIMIT! Lorne Michaels is GETTING FRUIT! A whopping $101 came in, enough for the large Pearadise Celebration, the box of Maynard’s Wine Gums, and maybe a couple packs of Peppermint Life Savers. I hear he likes those. So STAY TUNED for updates on how this is all going to go down!

Glamour calls Scott a “Cute Guy”; Lorne Michaels Project Picking Up Steam

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 8.43.28 PM


VIRAL VIDZ — The Lorne Michaels Kickstarter Project

Big news everybody! We’ve made a Kickstarter!*

* So, Kickstarter won’t actually approve the idea. Apparently it’s “too stupid” and “possibly fake.” But that’s not going to stop us! If you feel strongly about helping in our effort to take over Late Night, you can donate straight to our PayPal! We promise to maintain transparent with our finances and follow through on our goal of delivering a fanciful fruit bouquet to Lorne Michaels.

UPDATE: Thanks to the contribution of so many wonderful idiots, we are currently only $13.51 away from our goal of $94.51! ALMOST THERE!!! I bet Lorne can taste those melon balls already!