Running Later Returns – May 7th with BOB MANKOFF

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Running Late blurbed in New Yorker

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Scott’s rejected New Yorker cartoon goes viral!

An anonymous Running Late fan has managed to get her (or his!) hands on one of Scott’s rejected New Yorker cartoons and posted it to imgur. It quickly racked up over 600,000 hits, and Reddit commenters went crazy trying to decipher its anatomical accuracy.  Props to Brian Reddy on the co-writing, drawing, and anonymous posting.

SHOW CLIPZ —— Improv Cartooning with New Yorker Cartoonists

Drew Dernavich, Paul Noth, and Christopher Weyant ask the audience for suggestions and then compete to come up with the funniest cartoon.

SHOW CLIPZ —— Scott’s Rejected New Yorker Cartoons

Scott has some rejected New Yorker cartoons of his own…

(illustrations by Brian Reddy)