PUT IT IN THE BOOKS — Show 3.12 with Aviva Drescher

Aviva Drescher + Simon Rich + Found Footage Festival + Nikki Glaser + Halley Feiffer + Will Leitch + Scott on Percocet + Grolsch sponsorship = ONE HELLUVA SHOW! CLICK TO SEE THE FULL GALLERY of snapshots from Show 3.12 at Galapagos by esteemed photographer Seth Olenick. Look for his new book of comedy portraiture, Funny Business, in bookstores soonish!

Introducing new sponsor Grolsch and the Grolsch VIPod!

GrolschWe’re delighted to announce a new partnership with Grolsch, purveyors of fine Dutch beer since 1615. You know those beers! The ones with the swing-top bottles? They look like this: 


Thanks to their supreme, European kindness, Grolsch is making available 18 free VIP tickets to Thursday’s show! You’ll be sitting in the Grolsch VIPod, up front, getting lavished with complimentary Grolsch beer as you watch Scott and his guests down a few cold Grolsches on stage! There will be a lot of Grolsch being consumed by all, responsibly (for the most part). How to score the free tix? Simply be one of the first 18 people to share this banner on your Facebook wall:

Grolsch VIPod banner

So go to the Running Late’s Facebook page, find the banner, and share that shizz, toot sweet!

POSTERIZED — Show 3.12 with Simon Rich, Aviva Drescher

Show 3.12 poster

NEXT SHOW – May 23 with Simon Rich, Aviva Drescher

Show 3.12 Banner

JUST ADDED: Halley Feiffer and Will Leitch for May 23

We have a FULL HOUSE (minus The Tanners) for our next show — joining SIMON RICH, AVIVA DRESCHER, NIKKI GLASER and the FOUND FOOTAGE FESTIVAL are actress HALLEY FEIFFER (The Squid and The Whale, He’s Way More Famous Than You) and writer/editor WILL LEITCH (New York Magazine, founder of Deadspin). Tickets are available now, RIGHT NOW!

Halley Feiffer

Will Leitch