Scott returns to the Am I Right?? Podcast with Marty!

Bet ya didn’t know, but Running Late is BIG IN CANADA. The province of Alberta, specifically. The city of Calgary, if you want to be even more on the nose about it. Last night, Scott made his second appearance on the AM I RIGHT?? Podcast hosted by Jesse Pruden and Evan Wilson, and this time they dragged the old man into the fray. It’s another hour of meandering non sequiturs, dead end stories, and plugging for Running Late, so why not TURN ON, TUNE IN, and DROP OUT!

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HOT OFF THE PRESS —— Scott interviewed on AM I RIGHT??

Last night, Scott joined Evan Wilson and Jesse Pruden on the Canadian Comedy Award-nominated AM I RIGHT?? podcast. It’s technically a radio show run out of Calgary’s CJSW station, but who cares about radio in 2012? These days, it’s all about the POD!

Evan and Jesse host a great show in which they chat with funny folks from around the Northern Hemisphere about whatever bullshit happens to be on their minds at the time. Mostly SCTV. Subscribe to their podcast for free!

Scott interviewed on Take Action News with David Shuster

On Saturday, Scott appeared as a guest on former MSNBC correspondent David Shuster’s radio program, Take Action News, talking about his Petition Impossible video. He also explained why Marty has made such a natural transition from politician to professional sidekick and received Twitter tips from social media expert Alan Rosenblatt. Turns out intentionally misspelling his Twitter name might not have been as stupid as he thought! Download the July 14th episode of the podcast and listen from 1:36-1:59 to hear Scott’s segment.