“Standing Later” Coming to The PIT – May 21

may 21 bannerSince the dawn of Tuesday, a few weeks ago, Scott has wanted to create and host a stand-up showcase featuring some of his favorite stand-ups in the city. AND BY GOSH HAS HE SUMMONED THE COURAGE TO DO IT! Wednesday, May 21, 9:30pm at The PIT. All stand-up all the time. Well, for an hour at least. COME, WON’T YA?


SHOW CLIPZ —— Andy Ross Storytelling

Comedian and storyteller Andy Ross shares a high school talent show tale embarrassing enough to make any baby put herself in a corner.

SHOW CLIPZ —— Stone and Stone Stand-Up

Adam and Todd Stone (Last Comic Standing) close out the magical R. L. Stine show with a killer stand-up set.

SHOW CLIPZ —— Seth Herzog Stand-Up

Seth Herzog’s stand-up set — from the June 21st show!

SHOW CLIPZ —— Tom McCaffrey Stand-Up

Comedian Tom McCaffrey lays it down.