PUT IT IN THE BOOKS – Show 9.03 with Cristin Milioti

Ever hear the story of how I met Cristin Milioti? Videos will be coming soon, in the meantime, these photos from last night's show will have to do. You can also feast your eyes on The Best Show's AP Mike & Pat Byrne, How May We Hate You's Anna Drezen & Todd Dakotah Briscoe, actress Ilana Becker, and comedians Nate Fridson and Daniel Van Kirk. CLICK RIGHT HERE to see the full gallery of photos from Union Hall by audience photographer Jordan Litner


Calling all Friends of Tom! After four years of emails and e-travails, Scott is ecstatic to announce that Tom Scharpling will be appearing as his guest on this slam dunk of a Season Finale, next Wednesday at 8:30pm. Tickets are going fast, and now they’ll be going even faster!

The Best Show’s Tom Scharpling