SHOW CLIPZ —— David Javerbaum Interview Pt. 3

David Javerbaum discusses where he keeps his (12) Emmys and what makes them such a great lethal weapon, and gives Scott the inside scoop on what it’s like to work at The Daily Show during an election season.

SHOW CLIPZ —— David Javerbaum Interview Pt. 2

Author David Javerbaum shares his own thoughts on religion and the origins of God’s Twitter account.

SHOW CLIPZ —— David Javerbaum Interview Pt. 1

12-time Emmy-winning writer (The Daily Show) David Javerbaum discusses his latest book, The Last Testament: A Memoir By God.

NEXT SHOW —— OCTOBER 18 with David Javerbaum, Jenn Sterger, Jenn Harris, Myq Kaplan and Micah Sherman

With the wrapping of last night’s show, we’re looking forward to the next! And it’s sure to be a doozy! Are doozies good? It’ll be a good doozy.

Running Late runs into its final October show this Thurs, October 18, 9:30pm at the PIT!


  • former Executive Producer of The Daily Show and God’s amanuensis for His recently published memoir, The Last TestamentDAVID JAVERBAUM
  • star of Silence! The Musical and the new movie Gayby — JENN HARRIS
  • actress, model, and host of Spike TV’s Spare Time JENN STERGER
  • comedians, musicians, and the men responsible for the new album Please Be Seated — MYQ KAPLAN and MICAH SHERMAN
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