Season 7 Finale with Jon Hamm now available on YouTube!

PUT IT IN THE BOOKS: Show 7.07 and Season 7 Finale

THAT'S A WRAP on Season 7 - and what a way to go out! First show at our new venue Le Poisson Rouge with four pheeeeenomenal guests JON BENJAMIN, TOM PAPA, CRAIG BIERKO, and last minute addition, JON HAMM! CLICK RIGHT HERE to see the full gallery of photos from the show by newbie photog (and one-time RLwSR guest) J.D. Durkin!

SHOWTIME – tomorrow at Le Poisson Rouge


It’s the end of the season as we know it… kick off your July 4th weekend with some COMEDY fireworks. Jon Benjamin, Craig Bierko, Tom Papa — doesn’t get much better, unless you get sold out! So buy your tickets today – right now, in fact!

POSTERIZED (REVISED) — Season 7 Finale at LPR

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