SHOW CLIPZ —— Scott’s Monologue (June 28, 2012)

In the Running Late’s season finale, Scott goes up against the Louie‘s season premiere, declares himself eligible for the NBA Draft, and continues to advocate proper Facebook event response etiquette — from the June 28th show!

SHOW CLIPZ —— Two Fun Men

TWO FUN MEN (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon writers Arthur Meyer and John Haskell) deliver Jim Carrey lines, read an original one-act play, and chat about their fun videos.

PUT IT IN THE BOOKS —— Show 1.08

photos by Johnalynn Holland


SHOW CLIPZ — Scott’s Monologue (June 21, 2012)

Scott jokes about NYC heat wave, settles a debt with David Letterman, and introduces the new Running Late stage manager Gary. Plus the debut of Uncle Steve, filling in for Marty!

New Year, New Pics — Season 2 Finale

photos by Johnalynn Holland