SHOW CLIPZ —— Rob Burnett Interview Pt. 3

Rob Burnett wraps up his conversation with Scott about his new movie, We Made This Movie, and recounts the funniest Emmy acceptance speech of all-time.

SHOW CLIPZ —— Rob Burnett Interview Pt. 2

Writer/Director Rob Burnett discusses the challenges of making a movie about people making a movie, as he did with his new movie, We Made This Movie. Movie.

NEXT SHOW —— OCTOBER 4 with Rob Burnett, Jermaine Fowler, Dan Wilbur, Andy Breckman and Ken Freedman

Oh boy, Oberto! We got a hot one for next week! Running Late kicks off its Oktober run of shows with a JELLY-PACKED JAM SESSION! No actual fruit preserves will be involved, but there will be CHATTING WITH and JOKING FROM:

ROB BURNETT                                       JERMAINE FOWLER
(writer/director, We Made This Movie)           (In Living Color, College Humor)

DAN WILBUR                                                       ANDY BRECKMAN & KEN FREEDMAN
(author, How Not to Read)                                 (hosts, WFMU’s Seven Second Delay)

(Canadian Comedy Award nominee)

 More info at The PIT’s website!